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Simplifying Payroll Globally

We offer global workforce solutions, enabled by local expertise. We do this by simplifying the hiring process through extensive payroll support and focus on compliance.

Our Comprehensive Solutions:


Employment of Record


Agent of Record


Professional Employer Org.

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Why N2S.Global?

N2S.Global provides internationally accredited workforce solutions with a strong focus on transparency, simplicity and scalability coupled with round-the-clock service delivery.  Expand confidently, compliantly and swiftly into new markets with our support.






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How N2S.Global services can benefit you

Unlock Global Expansion with N2S.Global. Our streamlined administrative processes, unwavering legal compliance and straight forward service delivery empower you to focus on your core business whilst you expand internationally.


Extensive Expertise

Our expert team delivers collaborative global employment guidance, ensuring you receive consistent and practical information.


Entity-free Employment

We can onboard your requirements globally, saving you the burden of setting up additional business entities and managing complex local systems. 


Payroll Without Hassle

Our team will process payroll and payments in an accurate and timeley manner. 


Always-on Support

Access to a global support team, that sits across multiple time-zones, to ensure that you always receive the support when you need it.

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